AGILE Global Innovation Series

AGILE Global Innovation Series

Globally-minded business executives and entrepreneurs must navigate a complex range of issues to remain competitive and thrive in a volatile economy. Thought leaders share their innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges related to the global economy and society at this WTCI event series.

Is Globalization Dead? Or Alive, Well, And Rapidly Evolving?

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    October 6, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

As global tides shift, is the era of globalization at an end? An expert panel discusses what's next, and how companies can leverage this moment of uncertainty.

The Future of Work and the Workforce

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    May 24, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Employees are looking for something completely different in an employer than they did 20 years ago. As the dust from COVID-19 settles, what's next for companies and the workforce?

Rethinking Data: Asset or Liability?

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    November 17, 2021   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Companies produce and gather more data daily than ever before. Today, it's important to balance that desire for data while still protecting against liability.

Water Risk and the Power of Action

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    April 20, 2021   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Water has long been treated as an abundant resource and a secure business asset. But water's risk profile has increased in recent years, and savvy companies are taking action.

Breakfast on the Blockchain?

By Mark Fisk   July 17, 2019   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

The blockchain is more than just a cryptocurrency buzzword. Companies are already using it to transform food production.

Building a Brand That's Good for People and the Planet

By Seth Goldman   June 10, 2019   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Health food may be in vogue now, but that wasn't always the case. When junk food ruled the world, Seth Goldman had an idea and launched multiple successful sustainable food brands.