The Future of Work and the Workforce

The Future of Work and the Workforce

By AGILE Global Innovation Series

The COVID-19 pandemic shattered the traditional paradigm of how we work. The great resignation, onshoring, automation, AI, remote and hybrid work - are these trends permanent? Whether you call it the new normal, the next chapter, return to work, or re-entry, something has fundamentally shifted. As we reimagine work for a post-pandemic 21st century, many leaders are left wondering what’s next. How are businesses strategically responding to the changing nature of work, the workplace, and the workforce? What should businesses be investing in and doing today to protect and prepare their businesses for tomorrow? Our expert panel discusses proactive strategies to help business leaders stay one step ahead in meeting the needs of their business and most important asset: their people.


Jason Michael Perry - CTO and VP of Engineering, MindGrub

Steve Polo - Managing Partner, OPX

Cameron McMillian- Director, Financial Consulting & Business and Professional Services Senior Analyst, RSM US LLP

Elizabeth Massing - Chief Human Resources Officer, 14 West

AGILE Global Innovation Series