Faces of WTCI

Meet the people who have benefited from our programs and events.


Mutually Beneficial Growth

By Faces of WTCI    March 14, 2023   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Building relationships and trust are key for everything that Hartman Executive Advisors does. So joining WTCI was a natural step for Executive Vice President and Founder Marie Hartman. Since joinging, she has moderated panels, nominated award winners, and grown her business.

Starting from Scratch

By Faces of WTCI    December 15, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Starting a new branch of business is tough, even when you're launching the newest expansion for JP Morgan Chase & Co. This WTCI member recalls how the connections he made through our network were integral to establishing himself in Maryland.

Speaking Out, Standing Tall

By Faces of WTCI    November 9, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

The path to finding your personal voice can be full of twists and turns. One Albrecht Fellow recounts how Global Pathways for Students helped her open up through this first-person narrative.

Supercharged Networking and Partnership

By Faces of WTCI    September 1, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

A tumultuous youth taught him the value of foreign aid and put him on a path to helping others. Today, the networking superstar calls Maryland home and is always looking for partnerships for Catholic Relief Services and to build his personal network, making him a perfect fit for the Bowe Fellowship.

Finding the Path to Success

By Faces of WTCI    July 29, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

When it was time for her to think about opportunities after High School, she wanted to explore all of the options. Coming from a military family, the United States Air Force seemed like a natural fit. But a guidance counselor honed in on her passion for helping others and an interest in politics and suggested the Youth Diplomats program.

Expanding Horizons in Your Own Backyard

By Faces of WTCI    June 28, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

At Under Armour, she worked her way up from sales coordinator to director of business analytics and reporting for the Americas. But after a decade of success with one company, she couldn’t help but be curious about what else was out there. So she joined WTCI's Emerging and Developing Global Executives program.

A Healthy Outlook

By Faces of WTCI    June 1, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Not wanting to sit idle as internships and summer jobs evaporated due to the pandemic, Keren Herrán applied for the WTCI Albrecht Fellowship. Not only did she broaden her horizons by learning more about global business, but she made a lifelong connection with an invaluable mentor.

Making Fruitful Connections

By Faces of WTCI    May 12, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

As a young girl, Aeliana often heard this from her mother: “Always remember where you are and why you’re there. Fruitful connections matter in this world.” Being an Albrecht Fellow was the perfect way for Aeliana to address both the where and the why.