2023-2024 Bowe Fellowship Schedule

Jeffrey Novosel

September 21, 2023: Leadership & Communication 

Highly interactive, the session blends Fellow exercises, case discussions, and personal development to help attendees clarify their principles and goals and put them into practice. The session will expand fellows’ capacity to think strategically, communicate persuasively, and present confidently.


Gerry Sandusky, President & Founder of the Sandusky Group 

Hosted at: Miles & Stockbridge

October 26-27, 2023: Retreat – Self-reflection and Team-Building

This two-day retreat will help fellows achieve greater self-awareness while bonding with their cohort. The session features an Emergenetics workshop that will help them better understand the ways that they prefer to learn and behave. The findings will help them identify their individual preferences and provide the necessary tools to effectively build higher-performing teams and workplaces.

The serene location of Winbak Farm is a perfect setting for both self-reflection and team-building. As a part of the experience, the group will tour the farm, meet its remarkable Claydsdales, and learn about the farm’s global business operations from its owner.



Betsy Caine, President of Work in Progress LLC
Joe Thomson, CEO of Winbak Farm

Hosted at: Winbak Farms

November 8, 2023: Global Markets & Economy 

Soft landing?  Something harder?  Whither inflation?  This presentation will supply an in-depth analysis of the major factors shaping economic outcomes, including central bank policymaking, worker attitudes, business confidence, and geopolitics.  It will then turn toward a forecast for the year to come, highlighting the major risks that economic stakeholders will likely encounter.


Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group
Abhijeet Bhutra, Senior Institutional Investment Advisor, PNC Bank

Erin Steinberger, Vice President, Finance, North America, Pandora Jewelry

Hosted at: World Trade Center - Baltimore

December 13, 2023: The Art (and Science) of Negotiations and Persuasion

The session focuses on implementing a systematic process that maximizes internal and external deals and helps maintain an ongoing relationship long after “the deal is done.” The training is based on The Power of Nice by Shapiro Negotiations Institute founder Ron Shapiro and Persuade: The 4-Step Process to Influence People and Decisions by Jeff Cochran. The workshop will be grounded in scientific research shedding light on the decision-making process, real-world examples, and practical exercises to illustrate the concepts that can be applied in virtually any situation.


Jeff Cochran, Partner, Shapiro Negotiations Institute 

Hosted at: Whiteford, Taylor, Preston, LLP

January 31, 2024: Megatrends and Strategy – A view from the C-Suite 

This session will focus on introducing future forecasting using 5 key megatrend drivers - (de)globalization, demographics, climate change, resource scarcity, and technology and its application to strategic planning. The panelists will discuss case studies related to areas such as global supply chains and sourcing, multinational operations, market identification, and risk management.


Bruce McIndoe, President, McIndoe Advisory
David Jacobs, VP of Corporate Strategy, Northrop Grumman
Jody K. Olsen, PhD, Former Director, Peace Corps 

Hosted at: World Trade Center - Baltimore

February 28, 2024: Global Marketing and Sales in the World of Generative AI 

Global marketing and branding strategies evolve with new trends in technologies, consumer preferences, changes in the industry and competition landscapes, and so much more! Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have transformed the way B2B and B2C marketing and sales are conducted and the advent of innovations keeps business leaders on their toes. Marketers are finding ways to reach consumers at all levels and increase the personalization of offerings with groundbreaking precision. The fellows will hear first-hand experiences from senior marketing executives in leading corporations and will discuss issues of customer experience, productivity, and growth in light of recent innovations in their own businesses.


David Warschawski, Founder and CEO, Warschawski; Managing Partner, W Ventures
Alia Kemet, Chief Marketing Officer,
Siamak Sarvari, Associate Partner, McKinsey and Company

Moderated by: Tammi L. Thomas, Chief Development & Marketing Officer, TEDCO (Maryland Technology Development Corp.)

Hosted at: Warschawski

March 19, 2024: Managing Change and the Quest for Talent

To create a more agile workforce that can respond to fast-moving markets, leaders must understand and adapt to the way we work, like we did during the pandemic. For most executives, managing change is unlike any other managerial task they have ever confronted. This session will provide Fellows with a better understanding of how companies work to manage change to build and lead successful global teams by developing strategies to navigate change while promoting unity and understanding across teams.


Scot Johnson, Chief Human Resource Officer, Randa Apparel & Accessories
Raymone Jackson, Vice President, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, T.Rowe Price

Moderated by: Kali Jordan, Organizational Change Manager, BITHGROUP Technologies

Hosted at: American Visionary Art Museum

April 17, 2024: Global Supply Chains and Sustainability

Global supply chains continue to face challenges driven by geopolitical tensions, climate change, and global market fluctuations. In today's competitive landscape, a robust and adaptable supply chain is the lifeline that ensures uninterrupted operations and customer satisfaction. Additionally, advanced technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence offer new capabilities for achieving supply chain strategy.

Amidst these challenges and opportunities, there exists a pivotal moment for businesses to reassess and reshape their supply chain strategies. This session aims to delve into the intricacies, offering insights into how companies strategically transform challenges from the COVID years into opportunities. As we explore the current global supply chain environment, it is crucial to recognize that the interplay of geopolitics, sustainability, technology, and inflation management is paramount. The discussion will extend to pondering the future of global supply chains in a post-COVID world, underscoring the integral role played by these multifaceted factors in resilient and forward-looking supply chain management.


Joselina Peralta, Founder, STRACTX; Partner, Tompkins Ventures 
Josh Chou, Chief Supply Chain Officer, McCormick & Company 
Shawn Curran, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Under Armour 
Michael Levine, VP, Sustainability, Chief Sustainability Officer, Managing Counsel, Under Armour 
Patrick Duroseau, VP, Enterprise Data Management & Analytics, Under Armour

Moderated by: Brant Matthews, Executive in Residence, Loyola University of Maryland; (former) VP, Global Strategic Procurement, McCormick

Hosted at: Under Armour

May 8, 2024: Maryland as a Hub of Global Trade and Commerce

During this all-day immersive experience, fellows will learn about Maryland’s major hubs of global travel, trade, and logistics – BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and the Baltimore Port. In the process, Fellows will learn about expansion projects and the state’s competitiveness as measured by people and goods activity through the hubs, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Maryland an attractive business destination. Lastly, the Fellows will discuss one of Maryland’s most recognizable global companies, Phillips Foods, and learn about its deep roots in the state and its role in advancing sustainable seafood practices globally.


Ricky Smith, Executive Director, Maryland Aviation Administration
Dan Favarulo, Director, Captial Programs & Financial Analysis, Maryland Aviation Administration
Jordan Kayloe, Director, Air Service Development, BWI
Paul Shank, Chief Engineer, BWI
Wayne Canapp, General Manager, Phillips Foods                                                                      Aleah Ellis, Director of Strategy, Collins Aerospace
Aaron Tomarchio, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Tradepoint Atlantic
Tom Caso, Vice President of Development and Sparrows Point Container Terminal Project Manager, Tradepoint Atlantic
Russell Williams, Vice President of Business Development,Tradepoint Atlantic

Hosted at: BWI Airport, Tradepoint Atlantic, and Phillips Seafood

June 5th, 2024:  Transformational Leadership/Living Your Purpose & Closing Reception

Fellows will first have a cohort-exclusive session that will discuss how leaders can leverage their passions and experiences to make an impact on their workplace and community. Corporations are ideally suited to play a pivotal role in uplifting communities, and this session will discuss the intersection of community involvement, employee engagement, and corporate giving in fostering impactful leadership.

After the session, Fellows will celebrate the completion of the program by reflecting on their growth, belonging and connections with other business leaders from the region. The Closing Ceremony will be a fun and engaging way to thank fellowship stakeholders and provide a bridge between the Bowe fellowship cohorts.

John Brothers, President, T. Rowe Price Foundation

Hosted at: Stanley Black & Decker, The Customer Experience and Innovation Center

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