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The Maryland Innovation Lab connects Maryland businesses with disruptive startups from around the world to solve their most pressing challenges. 

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Maryland takes pride in being a hub for global business. Thousands of businesses with offices in Maryland touch the world somehow. 

The Maryland Innovation Lab makes the hub even stronger. How? By allowing Maryland companies to use new, cutting-edge technology designed to help them stand out in competitive markets. 

What is the Maryland Innovation Lab?

The Maryland Innovation Lab is based on a model developed by UK-based L Marks, where corporations are matched with global startups in a 10-week accelerator. The lab's goal is to help corporations bring in new talent and ideas to scale innovation without the in-house expertise needed to run an accelerator program. 

Supply Chain & Logistics Cohort

The second cohort will focus on supply chain and logistics. It will help Maryland companies in and around the Port of Baltimore identify critical solutions to their challenges in the wake of the March Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse. With the Port fully reopening earlier this month, many companies are now focused on restoring their operations. 

Accepting Startup Applications

Corporate participants want to connect with startups who are solving problems in the following categories:


Solutions that track and commercialize carbon offsets, address greenwashing, educate on sustainable practices, and foster a resilient local food ecosystem.

Retail and Product Optimization

Solutions for tracking and understanding consumer behavior, optimizing retail and product experiences, and enhancing brand experiences.

Supply Chain / Operations

Systems that optimize supply chains, promote transparency and traceability, and encourage sustainable shipping and distribution.

People & Workforce

Innovations that leverage workforce insights, improve employee experience, and harness skilled labor.



An open call for transformative solutions in any area that can revolutionize the Maryland food sector.

Past Cohort
Food & Sustainability Cohort

The theme for the first cohort was sustainable food systems. Specifically, how can we improve food packaging, processing, logistics, supply chains, agriculture, and distribution? This theme was chosen because of the numerous challenges the global food system is experiencing. Over 600 startups from around the globe were considered, and the industry partners – Sodexo, SIMPLi, and Pompeian – selected nine companies to participate in the bootcamp and Pitch Day held earlier this year at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business in Baltimore. Two startups – Portugal-based Assetfloow and UK-based Colateral – are currently working together with Pompeian and Sodexo in a 10-week collaborative innovation program to pilot, refine, and validate their solutions.

How Does it Work?

WTCI recruits three to five companies from its Maryland network seeking to scale innovations in their organization. WTCI and L Marks work with these companies to identify key pain points and challenges. Through its global network of startups, L Marks solicits applications from startups seeking to partner with the participating companies to develop solutions to their challenges. At a pitch day, the companies choose from amongst the startups to enter into a 10-week guided accelerator program to develop the proposed solution with their new partners.

Maryland Innovation Lab Timeline

Phase One

15-20 global startups travel to Maryland to participate in an intensive Boot Camp with the corporate partners, culminating in a competitive Pitch Day, where startups pitch their solutions to the participating companies for the chance to form a lasting partnership.

Phase Two

The five winning startups proceed to a 10-week mentorship-driven accelerator that concludes with a celebratory Demo Day event, where startups and corporate partners announce their joint innovations and partnerships.


How it Started

The concept for the lab - the first of its kind in the U.S. - was first announced by the State of Maryland at the World Economic Forum in 2022. In April 2023, the project began under the leadership of Maryland Governor Wes Moore. The lab is part of the state’s Global Gateway Program, which helps attract more international businesses and eases their transition into the U.S. market by connecting them with local incubators and accelerators.

The Maryland Department of Commerce helps fund the lab and co-leads it with WTCI and a corporate innovation specialist called L Marks, which has established operations in the United Kingdom and the United States.


The Team

The lab is made possible through the generous support of the Maryland Department of Commerce. The department’s support is integral for building fruitful connections both in Maryland and abroad, ushering in a new era of cooperation and innovation in the Mid-Atlantic.

L Marks' primary focus is identifying the startups/scaleups and helping them prepare their pitches to the Maryland companies. L Marks also uses its standardized process to manage the eight-month collaboration between the Maryland companies and startups/scaleups. 

WTCI’s main role is to leverage its network of 3,500+ innovative globally minded businesses to identify Maryland-based companies interested in participating in the lab, serve as a liaison between the companies and L Marks, and help create the strategy for each project that is part of the lab.



Want to learn more about this project? Want to be one of the Maryland companies chosen for the first cohort? Contact

Eddie Resende


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