Shifting to a Skills-Based Workforce

Shifting to a Skills-Based Workforce

By AGILE Global Innovation Series

Forget job titles. Skills and competencies are the new ticket to a successful career in global business. Colleges and universities, therefore, are changing how they teach. Business leaders are using new approaches to hire and retain employees. Industries are leveraging public/private partnerships to grow the talent pool for a variety of rapid-growth sectors. And EdTech leaders are innovating with online education and game-based learning tools, as they know the metaverse is poised to transform how we learn, teach, and collaborate. Our panelists will dive into all of this so that, collectively, we can grow the skills-based workforce we need, always with equity and accessibility in mind.


Melissa Gómez de la Fuente - Principal of Partner Success, Coursera

Vadim Polikov - CEO, Legends of Learning

Richard R. Smith - Vice Dean for Education and Partnerships, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Minah Woo - Vice President of Workforce, Innovation, and Strategice Partnerships; Howard Community College

Kristin Lewis - Senior Director of Programs & Series, World Trade Center Institute

AGILE Global Innovation Series