Steve Polo

Steve Polo

Managing Partner

Steve Polo is the Managing Partner at OPX, a design consultancy in Washington, D.C., whose mission is to help good companies work better. A recognized thought-leader, facilitator, speaker, panelist and educator, Polo has pioneered a new way of looking at organizations, operations, culture, and performance through the development of the analysis process called the Integrated Operating Environment, or IOE.

A Post-COVID Office

By Steve Polo   June 8, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Is it time to return to the office full-time? Or is remote-work the future?

The Future of Work and the Workforce

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    May 24, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Employees are looking for something completely different in an employer than they did 20 years ago. As the dust from COVID-19 settles, what's next for companies and the workforce?