Nancy Novak

Nancy Novak

Chief Innovation Officer

Nancy Novak is the chief innovation officer for Compass Datacenters. With more than 30 years of experience in construction, she is an expert in everything from cutting edge technology to company culture.

Digging in to Megatrends

By Nancy Novak   April 26, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Are you ready to live in a megacity? Or a world where every single person has access to high-speed internet at all times? These megatrends are shaping the discussions of tomorrow.

Rethinking Data: Asset or Liability?

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    November 17, 2021   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

Companies produce and gather more data daily than ever before. Today, it's important to balance that desire for data while still protecting against liability.