Drew Greenblatt

Drew Greenblatt

President and Owner

Drew Greenblatt is the president and owner of Marlin Steel, a Baltimore, MD-based company that manufactures and exports steel wire and sheet metal products to more than 35 countries. He has served as chairman of the Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers and as an executive board member of the National Association of Manufacturers, and is the chairman emeritus of the Regional Manufacturing Institute. 

Is Globalization Dead? Or Alive, Well, And Rapidly Evolving?

By AGILE Global Innovation Series    October 6, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

As global tides shift, is the era of globalization at an end? An expert panel discusses what's next, and how companies can leverage this moment of uncertainty.

American Manufacturing in a Global World

By Drew Greenblatt   September 12, 2022   whitepaperWhitepaperpodcastPodcastarticleArticle videoVideo

American manufacturing isn't dead. Far from it. Manufacturers face stiff competition from overseas, but offer distinct benefits that are becoming more desirable each day.