Lead From Within

June 14, 2022

Lead From Within

By Women Spanning the Globe

When work becomes overwhelming, stressful, or unsatisfying, it is tempting to quit so you can start a new job or become an entrepreneur. But what about staying and becoming a changemaker? It is called being intrapreneurial and involves being a person who can assess and solve problems creatively, sell their vision, know and leverage their strengths, tolerate risk, be courageous, accept real-time feedback, and more. In this session, the panelists talk about how they have driven change from within by being intrapreneurial.


Carolyn Mozell - President and CEO, Leaders Who Connect and Inspire

Krish Vignarajah - President and CEO, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Kendra Parlock - Vice President of Partnership Development, NPower

Women Spanning the Globe