Jill Schwartz

December 22, 2021

Jill Schwartz comes to WTCI with 27 years of experience in marketing and communications for the nonprofit sector. Most of her career has been spent working on environmental and sustainability issues for global, national and regional organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. In her leadership roles, she has built teams; a storytelling culture; the systems needed to pivot an organization’s marketing and communications function away from good and toward great; and an appreciation for marketing and communications staff who are strategic, not just service providers. She and her teams have successfully pitched stories to top tier media outlets, created compelling videos, launched new websites, led successful campaigns to change behaviors and policies, and more. Jill was a newspaper reporter and editor for 10 years, prior to starting her journey with nonprofit environmental organizations. She is on the Board of Directors for The Communications Network, where she serves as secretary and leads the Governance Committee. She volunteers for the Casey Trees Foundation and Food & Friends.