2022 Youth Diplomats Schedule

January 29: Introduction to Diplomacy

Overview of diplomacy and its importance in building international relations, as well as peacebuilding efforts for addressing the causes and impact of conflicts
Speaker: Dr. Alison McCartney, faculty director at Towson University

February 26: Public Speaking and Communication in a Cross-Cultural Context

How effective speakers form connections with their audience and motivate change
Speaker: Dr. Laura Sicola, founder of Vocal Impact Productions

March 26: Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

How and why states decide to resolve conflicts so they can build social cohesion; how to create democracies in post-conflict countries
Speaker: Cameron Chisholm, Executive Vice President, DT Institute

April 30: Refugee Migration and Reintegration

Global migration trends and the services offered to refugees to ease their integration into non-native societies
Speaker: Dr. Astrid Schmidt-King, vice president of programs and fellowships at WTCI and Nick Brooks, director of Soccer Without Borders

May 21: Global Sustainability

How to address the food, water and energy needs of a growing population; the impact of climate change on societies worldwide
Speakers: Russell Hill, executive director of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology; Dr. Eric Schott, associate research professor at the University of Maryland's Center for Environmental Studies; and Dr. James Albrecht

June 4: International Day of Service

Do a service project 

July 23: Leveraging Technology as a Catalyst for Change

How to use modern technology, including social media, to lead positive change
Speaker: Aliyah Pandolfi - Kashmir World Foundation

August 13: Graduation Ceremony

Present your projects and celebrate completion of the fellowship program
Speakers: TBD