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Welcome to Insights, your resource for wisdom about how to lead at a globally-minded business, whether you are at the top, a mid-level executive, or somebody who is new to the business world. Our library includes video and written interviews, think pieces, and more – all with or from business leaders in the Mid-Atlantic who are driving growth and global good.


What is the Supply Chain?

It impacts the cost of everything from a burger to a car. COVID-19 disrupted it on a scale never seen before. World leaders intervene when it is threatened. But what actually is "the Supply Chain?"

Building Sustainable Partnerships

Sustainability is a top priority today. Learn how to work with local governments on issues surrounding sustainability.

Up-Skilling for the Future

As AI powered tools become more commonplace, workers need to adapt. Instead of rejecting this new technology, it could be time to embrace it - and to embrace the challenge of upskilling so you aren't left behind.

Harnessing Your Innate Power for Change

Women lead differently. Their humanity, creativity, and prioritization of community is the difference the world sorely needs. Yet too many women downplay their natural leadership abilities, how they decide to show up, and where they allow themselves to shine.

Why Diversity Builds Innovation

Diversity isn't just a goal for its own sake. A diverse workforce brings benefits that allow companies to thrive.

The Power of Refugees in Modern America

Refugees coming to America often face tough times and discrimination. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is one entity supporting them with innovative strategies and private sector partnerships.

Faces of WTCI

Incorporating Authenticity

Emerging from the fog of COVID-19, one class of Bowe Fellows found kinship among shared struggles. Scot Johnson found a path to personal growth and opportunity.

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