AGILE Innovation Series 2021: Protecting the World's Water Supply

January 25, 2023

According to the United Nations, by 2050 1.6 billion people will be at risk of floods, and 3.2 billion people are projected to live in severely water-scarce areas. This poses a major threat to individuals, businesses, industries, economies, and entire countries. At this session, we will hear from experts from a leading environmental firm, a global company, and a Maryland government agency, who are working to solve and mitigate water challenges and related effects of climate change. Our panel will discuss innovations in flood resiliency and water quality improvement in Maryland and beyond.

Featuring: Mark Bryer, Chesapeake Bay Program Director at The Nature Conservancy JaLeesa Tate, State Hazard Mitigation Officer at Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Toni McCrory, Senior Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance at Walmart Moderated by Bruce McIndoe, President of McIndoe Risk Advisory

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